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Rio Grande City commemorates 1966 Farm Worker’s strike

On Jan 31, 2020,  Texas Historical Commission installed a marker in Rio Grande City, Texas recognizing the untold history of the 1966 Starr County farm worker melon strike and march to Austin to raise worker wages and tell about the abuse suffered at the hands of Los Rinches, law enforcement, the growers, and the powers-that-be in that county. The strike by these unassuming workers was the spark that began the Chicano movement in Texas. In this photo from L to R are: Daria Vera, Sec-Trea of Local 2, St Rep Ryan Guillen, Arturo S. Rodriguez, 2d Pres of UFW, Rio Grande City Mayor Villarreal, and in the wheel chair, Librado de la Cruz, arrested 7 times during that strike by local law enforcement.

Via Rebecca Flores