I want to record your remembrances

I am receiving comments on my facebook page from relatives of the farm workers who were striking in 1966 in Starr County.  Please send me what you remember of your relatives at that time so I can include this in the website.

Submissions can be sent via email to: rebeccaoflores@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “I want to record your remembrances”

  1. I remember tracing an old cardboard cut out of an eagle and helping my mom sow the flags to be used on the March to Austin. And when we got there we Kids played the grass so really pretty to me and I remember my dad holding a crucifix and all the consersation and pride for standing up for what was right.

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    1. Nelda, we are planning an event in Rio, don’t have a date yet. Please stay in touch via e mail or with Daria Vera. We would like for you to be part of the event, to record what we remember, so others don’t forget. Thank you. Rebecca Flores


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